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Venetian finishing

Stage 1

Fondo Forte application.

Stage 2

Adesan Lime application.

Stage 3

Marmorino Hydro First Coat.

Stage 4

Aqua Protection Finish.

Venetian finishing is a very skilled trade. The applicator requires a high level of technical knowhow and an in-depth knowledge of the products used, as well as possessing a very creative nature.

Venetian finishing originated in Venice, Italy, gaining widespread popularity in the Roman Empire as a means to imitate natural stone surfaces inside of palazzos, villas, and cathedrals.

Venetian finishing elevates the look and feel of a room as it can be applied to produce a high-end polished marble effect or a washed stone design that is unique to that room.

House of Marmorino applicators' use authentic method of trowelling the Venetian plaster compound (imported directly from Italy) onto the wall ceilings or floors.

Venetian plaster is known as a 'lifetime finish' due to the fact that it is known to surpass the life of painted finishes and unlike cement-based finishes does not easily crack or shrink.


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