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The House of Marmorino

Dee Wilson CEO

The House of Marmorino has been in the making for a couple of years. The brainchild of David Wilson, who fell in love with il Stucco Antico over 30 years ago after moving to the North Italian city of Castelfranco-Veneto, and has ever since been very passionate about this amazing product.

Although, amazing as it may be, very little, if anything, is known about the Art of Marmorino – here in Northern Ireland. Even though history tells us, il Stile Italiano has been here in Belfast dating as far back as the late 1800s. Brought to the Province by migrating Italians who flocked to the city during the Industrial Revolution boom.

Venetian finishing

Grassello di Calce as it is known in its native land is unique and carries the desired effect that is timeless. Evidence of which can be found in our very own Parliament Buildings.

An interesting, yet virtually unknown fact, is that back in the 1930s, Italian artisans were commissioned to apply their “Stile Italiano” in the great halls of Stormont and their craftsmanship is still visible in the main entrance hall to this very day. Marmorino Classico coated with a special wax that preserves the natural lime plaster – truth be known – that ceiling has only ever been cleaned once in 87 years and is still as vibrant today as the day it was done.

main entrance hall Stormont

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